Prospective Students » FAQ


Q: Do you give school tours?
A: Absolutely! To schedule a school tour, just call the preschool office at (714) 556-0965 and ask for preschool director, Leslie Steinhaus.
Q: Do you have a summer program?
A: Yes, we do; however, our preschool is year round from September through August. 
We use the summer months to review everything taught during the regular school year along with many exciting outdoor summer activities. It is recommended for children entering kindergarten to register for our Reading Readiness class offered during the summer to help students progress in their reading skills. For more information contact our preschool director.
Q: Do you require uniforms?
A: No, we do not require uniforms for preschool.
Q: How old does my child have to be to attend the preschool?
A: Your child must be at least three years old and fully potty-trained.
Q: How old does my child have to be to attend the toddler program?
A: Your child must be at least two years old.
Q: Do you provide snacks or lunch?
A: Parents provide the morning and afternoon snacks along with lunch for their child; however, an optional lunch program is available to students 3-5 years old for $3.00 per lunch.
Q: Do you provide diapers & wipes for toddler program?
A: Parents provide all supplies needed for their 2 year old.
Q: How many staff members are in each class?
A: Each of our classrooms have at least two full time instructors and a curriculum instructor.
Q: Are your staff members certified?
A: All of our preschool staff have completed their Early Childhood Education training.