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Preschool, PreK, Transitional-K Programs

Four Programs for Four Different Age Groups

1. CCP begins with our Toddler program for TWO-YEAR OLDS.
2. CCP continues with our Preschool program for THREE-YEAR-OLD'S that focuses on social and developmental skills.

3. Preschoolers transition to our PreK developmental program for FOUR-YEAR-OLD'S introducing phonics, numbers, and writing skills using the elementary school’s Abeka curriculum.

4. A Transitional-Kindergarten program for early FIVE-YEAR-OLD'S is also available to introduce pre-reading skills and to enhance their cognitive development before entering Kindergarten.

You may call/email the director, Leslie Steinhaus, to visit the campus and find out more about each program.
(714) 556-0965 or leslie.steinhaus@calvaryschools.org.